Seeds For The Soul - Encouraging wellness for a better tomorrow
About Seeds For The Soul
Seeds for the Soul is a wellness studio dedicated to encouraging wellness to allow for a better tomorrow.  We are all connected, and we believe that we have an obligation to help others to achieve their highest potential.  Understanding that only by nourishing ourselves are  we able to offer support and help nourish others, we provide a variety of services, workshops, and events.
About Jennifer
International Center for Reiki Training Affiliate MemberJennifer is a Reiki Master who has been practicing Reiki since 2002.  She is dedicated to helping others, and welcomes the opportunity to promote wellness and spiritual growth by offering Reiki sessions.  She is also a Certified Angel Card Reader™ offering Angel Card Readings to those seeking guidance and/or clarity.
Jennifer has a degree in Business Administration, and in her life before beginning her spiritual journey she spent many years as a corporate accountant.  Feeling unfulfilled, she made a career change and acquired a teaching certificate in order to share her knowledge and experience with high school students.  This led to achieving a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership, which in turn led her to her current spiritual path.  Through the connections she made, and the experience gained, she realized that providing Reiki sessions professionally was her true vocation.  She believes that life is a journey and that any challenges that arise are merely lessons to be learned.